Secure Shopping

The following methods of payment are accepted by Ikommerce Srl

Credit Card

This on-line shop uses an internet credit card system provided by PayPal.
All your credit card data will be sent to through a secure server using the best standard security system to deal with on-line sensitive information.
The dealer will never have any access to the customer's credit card data, but he will be able to manage only with those information (name, surname, address) needed to deliver products to your forwarding address.
For further information see the website

Credit Card Charges

If the customer's credit card has sufficient fund and the account is valid, the order will be processed by PayPal. The customer will receive the transaction confirmation code per e-mail. The cost of your purchase will be charged on your credit card at the very moment you complete yuor order and payment process on Ikommerce Srl, even though the items purchased will be shipped later.

Credit Cards will be debited in Euro, and thus, due to exchange rates, the final price will be calculated in the applicable exchange rate the day the Credit Card company processes the transaction.

Bank Wire Transfer

Selecting Bank Wire Transfer as a method of payment, the customer only send a request to Ikommerce Srl, In this case, the merchandise is not held for the Client at this time. Ikommerce Srl, customer service will confirm the customer's order per e-mail, even providing the bank details needed for the transaction. At this stage, the merchandise will be hold for the customer until the the bank tranfer will be processed. The client is in duty bound to send a copy of the payment via e-mail or fax within the 48 hours following the receipt Ikommerce Srl, order confirmation.

In case Ikommerce Srl, will not receive the payment confirmation within the given terms, the order will be cancelled. Ikommerce Srl will ship the merchandise only after receiving the money on its bank account and as soon as the items are available in stock.

Cash on Delivery - for Italy only

Only orders placed to be shipped in Italy can be paid by Cash on Delivery. The cost of the service is 10 euros.